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WooWhoo!!! Lightning Done!!!


Well tonight we completed the install of the lights and then tested out the system. We have everything pretty much tuned and ready to go. There is one light still to be installed that goes on the roof and faces the large tree in the back of the house. This is hidden behind a couple of trees and will make it look like there is lightning coming from another area that is lighting up the roof and tree.

Here is a video of what we have done so far. I’m not happy though with the way it turned out as the camera makes it look like the light is contained. In actuality its spread out and looks very good!!

WebGun Goodness!!!


Got to use our new Webmaster Web Gun tonight. Check out the pictures and the short video!!


Click On Pictures To Enlarge For Better Detail.






We have Lightning!!!


Our FireFly Lightning Simulator came in today. Here are a couple of videos from inside the house and outside the house of us testing it. Shortly i will have a little write up about which bulbs we tested and which we eventually chose.





Haunted Gate Version 2.0


I had the time to finish out the gate yesterday. I painted and refined it a little. I moved the linkage bar to allow it to open wider.

I also used a 5v supply on the Fast Lead. This slowed the gate down and now looks more like someone walking through it as well as not shake the hell (pun intended) out of the fence.


Haunted Gate!!


Today I finished about 90% of the Haunted Gate. I just need a little paint. Check out the How To section for a video!!!