Lighting your props


Headless Horseman during the dayLighting your props is essential to getting the right mood set. With the wrong lighting you loose the mood and everyone just has the feeling of “oh that’s fake and cheesy”. As you can see from this picture (click to enlarge) taken during the day, the prop looks exactly like what it is; a cheesy prop. But there are a few things you can do to make something like this look and feel much better and setting a mood of dread and fear in your visitors.




In this picture you can tell the difference at night. Granted its a blurry picture but you can tell that the mood is more ominous. The is achieved by using a red CFL bulb in a clip on canister/work light. The light is also placed slightly forward of the prop and pointed up. This creates a shadowing affect and adds depth to the prop. Now this prop also has one extra modification to it as well. The pumpkin head originally came with a crappy LED light. It was not bright and it just looked horrible. I removed the light and drilled a larger hole to accomendate a 120v candelabra socket and placed a flicker bulb inside. It is much brighter and gives a better ambiance to the prop.