Laser Trip Wires


So for 2 years now I have been wanting to make a Laser Trip Wire around our front yard to protect our props. Normally we have just headstones out till Halloween day when everything gets set up but none the less I still want to TRY to protect them.

Here is a video of a concept using a cheap laser pointer, an Arduino and a photocell. Now this is not my design or my code. There are plenty of how to’s on YouTube and Instructables. I do however plan to adapt the idea.

My plan is to have it set uip with a relay board and when the laser is tripped it will turn on a bedroom light and buzz real loud to wake our butts up. I am also thinking about adding a hidden loud speaker and a wave-shield to play the sound of a shotgun pumping a round onto the chamber. Not only will it scare them off but I’m sure they will leave something behind too.

This also has other uses. Such as instead of using motion triggers for animated props. Using the laser trip wire will react faster and will not set the prop off by accident do to false motion.

I will post more information and updates as I refine it. Let me know what you think…


I did some more work on it and added the shotgun sound

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