Haunted Gate Version 2.0


I had the time to finish out the gate yesterday. I painted and refined it a little. I moved the linkage bar to allow it to open wider.

I also used a 5v supply on the Fast Lead. This slowed the gate down and now looks more like someone walking through it as well as not shake the hell (pun intended) out of the fence.


Haunted Gate!!


Today I finished about 90% of the Haunted Gate. I just need a little paint. Check out the How To section for a video!!!

And It Begins!!!

Decorating started this evening. We started by putting up the new fence we got from Lowes. For about 8 years we had just a couple plastic fence panels as seen in the 2013 pics. Those panels were 20 bucks a shot. The new metal panels were 28 bucks. and will last a lot longer not to mention make the grave yard more realistic!!

Fence panels installed

Click pic to enlarge


So about 3 weeks ago we stumbled upon this nice little unit that simulates lightning. Its by Lights-Alive and is called the FireFly. We ordered a 511 unit and we are currently waiting for it to be shipped. We ordered it about 2 weeks ago and according to the staff at Lights-Alive its supposed to ship out the beginning of next week.

I also purchased a 50w LED flood light from amazon. Once the FireFly gets here and I test it with the LED and it all works OK then we plan to purchase 2 more 50w units. I will do a how to when I get everything in one place.


We added a new section to the How To’s. It is for arduino based props. I am currently learning how to do the Arduino stuff but will post anything I make and how I did it.

Lighting your props

Lighting your props correctly can mean a world of difference in setting a mood. Check out the How Too section for more info

Welcome Fellow Haunters

Thanks for stopping by. This year we thought we would try something new. We are going to showcase our haunt. We will have pictures, videos and a couple how to do’s.


We are just getting started with this site and getting prepared to decorate!! More updates to come.